Study the Jargon of Virtual Casinos

It’s normal to feel confused when first venturing into the exciting world of gambling, what with the seemingly endless list of new Casino and betting jargon that must be learned. If the terminology used to explain the game’s rules doesn’t make sense to you, it can be difficult to understand them at all. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of some of the more common terms used in online gambling, with definitions that should help you out whether you’re making a wager or playing in a casino.

The Value of Learning Casino Jargon

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the lingo used in casinos and sportsbooks if you want to increase your chances of winning. It’s crucial to learn the language of the games you play, such as the difference between a Hit and a Stand in blackjack, when to fold in poker, and whether or not a stake is even money. After all, you wouldn’t want to make a bad choice and lose a winning hand or miss out on excellent odds. Some games will feature more jargon than others, and as you play, you’ll pick up some of the lingo yourself. If you keep this glossary handy, you’ll soon be able to communicate with ease in any casino setting.


Aggregate: (Sports Gambling) A wager on the results of several different games played at the same time. All of the bettor’s selected events must transpire for the wager to be successful.


Benefit: (Mobile and Online Gambling) The casino has an edge due to the high probability that it will win more often than not. This varies widely among games.


In online poker, the ante is the initial bet that every player must make before any cards are dealt.


Moneylender: (In Poker and Sports Wagering) The dealer in a card game at an online casino is sometimes called the Banker since they control the bank where the game is played. However, in the context of sports betting, the term “Banker” is used to indicate the favorite team, horse, or athlete.


Budget: (Cash, Mobile Casino) A player’s bankroll is the total amount of cash he or she intends to wager while at the casino.


Betting Caps: (Gambling Houses/Sportsbooks) Betting must take place within these limits. Online slot machines, for instance, often enable you to wager anywhere from a Minimum Bet up to a Maximum Bet on a single spin.


Free Spins: (Mobile and Online Slots) Online Slots with bonus games tend to get high marks from players. The Slots Bonus Game is an optional additional feature that may be triggered at any time and offers players an additional chance to earn coins.


The Dealer of a Table Game at an Online Casino is known as the Croupier. Craps, Baccarat, and Roulette are just a few of the most played table games at the best online casinos. Originally meaning “a person who helps a gambler,” the French word “croupier” today more commonly refers to a worker in a casino.


Daily Deals: (Mobile and Online Casino) The term “Daily Promotions” refers to the special offers that a casino makes available to both newcomers and longtime customers. These can take the form of invitation-only tournaments, limited entry prizes, or other forms of exclusivity.


Deposits: (Mobile and Online Gambling Sites) Depositing funds into a Casino account is a must to playing for real money at any Casino, whether it be online or on a mobile device. Depositing funds into your account can be done in a number of ways, including using a credit card, debit card, web wallet, bank transfer, or even charging your phone bill.


Blackjack, Double Down Style (Available for Mobile Devices) If the dealer says “double down,” it means you can double your bet and get another card in a hand of blackjack.


(Online gambling/sports betting) Even Money If you wager CAD$1 and win, you will receive CAD$2 back (your initial CAD$1 wager plus your winnings).


Play for Fun Games

Players can get experience with games they are already familiar with and exposure to games they are not without risking any of their own money in free casino games. They provide the same experience as the versions that involve real money wagers, so you can get a feel for the game without risking any money.


Bonus Rounds: (Video Slots) Free spins are a no-deposit bonus available at some virtual gambling establishments. You can get free spins as part of a casino promotion or in a slot game’s bonus round.


Advantage to the House for Online and Mobile Gambling This is the proportion of each wager that the casino plans to keep for itself. The House Edge, often known as the Casino’s inherent edge, is the disparity between the genuine odds of an outcome and the odds presented to players by the Casino.


The Rules of the House

The rules of a certain bookmaker or casino are meant here. It lays forth the rules you must follow when placing bets and playing games on the site.


Live croupiers (virtual gambling) Some online casinos have introduced games with live, filmed dealers to simulate the feel of playing at a brick-and-mortar establishment. Players can interact with the dealer from the convenience of their own homes thanks to live video streaming.


Casino/Sportsbook Lobby The Lobby is shorthand for the main page of a gambling or sports betting website. Whether it’s a specific game, the most recent Casino news, or the freshest Bonuses and Promotions, players can find it all from the Lobby.


Optimized for Mobile Use: (Mobile Gambling) As the popularity of mobile casinos grows, you’re likely to hear these terms more frequently. If an online casino has been optimized for mobile play, that means the user experience is just as smooth as when playing on a desktop computer.


Probability (Mobile and Online Gambling) The odds tell players how likely it is that a given result will occur. The odds are expressed as a percentage or ratio of the potential payout to the stake size.



The phrase “slot feature” refers to a specific aspect of slot machines. In order to win at online slot machines, you must line up the correct symbols along the paylines. These are the “paylines,” so named because they result in a monetary payoff.


Online and Mobile Casino Payout Percentage The Payout Percentage indicates the rate at which money wagered by players is repaid to them. If a specific online casino has a 97% Payout Percentage, for every $1 wagered, $.97 is returned in the form of profits. Since it costs significantly less to operate an online Casino or a mobile Casino, the Payout Percentage is much greater at these venues. Because of the decreased operating costs associated with online casinos, they can afford to keep a smaller percentage of each player’s wager.


Online and Mobile Progressive Jackpot: A Progressive Jackpot is an additional Jackpot feature offered to players, most commonly in Slot games. The Progressive Jackpot is, as the name implies, a jackpot that grows greater and larger as more and more money is bet on the game. When a player gets a certain and tough combination, the Jackpot is awarded. Players have a chance at winning life-changing sums of money, often topping CA$1,000,000, because it is so tough to win the Jackpot that it grows fairly large before anyone wins it.


Casino Table Games (Available for Desktop and Mobile) Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat, and Roulette are just few of the table games that have digital counterparts in online casinos. Live dealers are becoming increasingly common in online casinos, where players can choose to compete against a computer or a human dealer. Due to the complexity of the betting regulations and the skill required, table games are quite popular in both online and mobile casinos.


Free spins and other bonuses are compatible with wagering requirements presented as Multipliers such as 5X, 10X, and 20X. This is the number of times the bonus amount must be played through before any wins may be withdrawn. To withdraw your earnings from a CA$50 bonus with a 5X wagering contribution, for instance, you must first play CA$250 on qualifying games.


Weekly Specials: (Gaming/Wagering) Online casinos and sportsbooks frequently run weekly promotions to reward loyal customers and attract new ones. Promotions like free entries to tournaments, huge jackpots, and bonus offers that match player deposits are all great ways to keep regular customers coming back.


Easy Methods for Gambling

While by no means complete, this glossary of casino terms should be more than adequate for novice gamblers. You can use it to experiment with new games or wagers whenever you like. Learning the language of the casino can help you have a more enjoyable time playing and will raise your chances of winning. When you know common jargon, you may wager with assurance, and no time will be wasted wondering if you’ve made the appropriate choice. When you master the lingo of the casino, success is yours for the taking.

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